Mental Health Courses

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Lesson 0 – Introduction to Mental Health

The key to promoting positive mental health is understanding what mental health encompasses, why mental health is important, and outlining practical ways of caring for mental health in your life.

$19.95 monthly membership for all courses

Lesson 1 – Purpose and Strong Goal Orientation

Mental health is a significant part of our overall health and wellness. Good mental health begets positive outcomes, whereas poor mental health begets negative outcomes. Therefore, we must be intentional about cultivating and maintaining good mental health.
One such way to go about this process is to focus on our purpose and goal orientation. These two elements play a key role in establishing our best mental health, so taking strides to cultivate these elements in our lives is of vital importance.

$19.95 monthly membership for all courses

Lesson 10 – Autonomy

Autonomy centers around an individual’s ability to act on his/her own values and interests. The word, taken from ancient Greek, means self-legislation or self-governance. It is widely accepted in modern political thought and bioethics that individual autonomy should be both promoted and respected, yet this can be difficult to achieve at times.

$19.95 monthly membership for all courses

Lesson 2 – Healthy Mind – Preventing Burnout

Mental health is something that should be protected and maintained as much as possible. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to poor mental health, but a major element is burnout.

$19.95 monthly membership for all courses

Lesson 3 – Your Behavior Matters

Mental health involves our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It impacts the way we feel, think, and subsequently behave. It also plays a role in determining how we handle stress, relate to other people, and make decisions.
For this reason, mental health is of significant importance. Along with mental health comes our behaviors, as the two are interconnected.

$19.95 monthly membership for all courses

Lesson 4 – Your Emotional Wellness

Many people know emotional awareness to mean the awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings, but emotional wellness entails more than just that. Understanding in its entirety what emtional wellness means is essential to mental health.
Armed with the full understanding of emotional wellness one can implement appropriate measures to promote that wellness so that mental health can be preserved and improved.

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