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10 Tips to Develop Grit

Grit plays a vital role in the development of our sense of self. It drives us to achieve more, reach new boundaries, and build an impressive set of skills.

Includes Video and Audio


In “Validation – How To Stop Seeking The Approval Of Others” you are going to learn how to take total charge of your life, your decisions and your choices. You'll master stopping the endless search for validation and instead will embrace who you are with no outside influences needed to help you to succeed.

Includes Audio


In “Burst: Change Your Life 25 Minutes At A Time” you are going to property prioritize the tasks that are the most important and impactful towards the goals you have set in your life. From there, you are going to learn how to work in short bursts of high energy to complete far more than you would by trying to pull an 18 hour marathon work day.